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Step 1: Choose your VPS

Step {{multiVpsOffered?'2':'1'}}: Choose Your VPS Power

Step {{multiVpsOffered?'3':'2'}}: Add cPanel Control Panel

Using cPanel when managing a server is the preferred option because it takes care of everyday remedial tasks that a server handles. If you are comfortable managing it on your own you can opt to not use a control panel.

Step {{multiVpsOffered?(offerCpanel?'4':'3'):(offerCpanel?'3':'2')}}: Choose Your Operating System or Apps

Choose Your Operating System or Apps

To use Windows as an operating system a VPS of 2GB or higher must be selected.

Step {{backupStepNo}}: Add Snapshot Back up

Our Snapshot Backup service automatically creates full backups of your virtual machines, apps and storage. You can set an automatic snapshot to take place on a daily, weekly of fortnightly basis.

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Step 5: Choose your VPS location

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